Our experienced Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Cargo Surveyor and other specialist persons offer the capability to perform, but not limited to the following services:

Our Activities :

1. Cargo Surveyor

  • Determination the weight of dry cargoes by performing the draft surveys on the carrying vessel
  • Supervision on loading and stowage of general cargoes, heavy machinery, large diameter steel pipes, automobiles, foodstuff, agricargo and other commodities requiring special care in handling, stowage or ventilation
  • Pre-Shipment, Condition surveys of steel products and silver nitrate test to determine rusty with advice to ship’s officers regarding correct clausing of remarks on mate’s Receipts
  • Supervision of discharge, weighing and sampling for sugar, grain, and other homogeneous cargoes
  • Surveying on containerized cargo ( refer, dry and tank container ) at time of loading / devanning
  • Conducting damage surveys which found a damage during discharge

2. Agricultural Product

  • Testing the general Characteristic of the following product such as : Crude Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Crude Palm Stearine, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Kernel Expeller, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa Bean, etc against to their standard specification ( ISO )

3. Industrial Inspection

  • The provision of third party inspection and expediting services involving the monitoring of supplier furnished material and equipment for quality, quantity, and delivery by verifying adherence to codes and standard, drawing, specifications, productions, production or fabrication schedules, and other client order requirements

4. Quality Assurance – Quality Control Program

  • Consulting for Inspection procedure and industrial equipment testing development
  • Test document certificate review
  • Testing performance Inspection : Operations, Performance, Safety of Equipment and Certifications
  • Material Shipping ( Pre & After ) Inspection
  • Expediting and Production Monitoring
  • Supplier Quality Assurance for sector:
    Inspection, Audit Survey, Test Support and Audit Certification

5. Ships Condition Survey

  • Superficial surveys of vessels offered for sale to determine general condition of hull and machinery and advisibility, or otherwise of purchase, or mortgage
  • General condition surveys on hull structural members, engine department machinery & equipment, safety equipment, fuel oil consumption, etc for various interested parties
  • On Hire & Off hire Surveys of vessels that are Chartered, including independent calculation of bunker at time of delivery or re-delivery

6. Protection and Indemnity Club Surveys

  • General Condition Surveys of Vessel, for P & I Club entry
  • Surveys of Damage to Vessel, Cargo, Berth Facilities, Navigation Aids, Underwater Mooring, Crew Injuries and Investigation as required on behalf of P & I Club.
  • Investigation Surveys of Oil Pollution due to accidents and Bunker Spills, to Supervise the Dispersal and Cleaning up of the oil, to minimize Environmental Damage, and Assessments of Subsequent claims from Fishery Organization and other parties.

7. Insurance Surveys

Our company conduct all types of Insurance Survey and Investigation Surveys for Insurance interest.

  • Surveys on Damage to Cargo, Shortage in Weight, Pilferage and Unidentifiable goods, to determine the cause of loss or damage, and to assess fairly the degree of Damage of Cargo.
  • Surveys on Damage to Vessel’s Hull, Machinery, and to determine the cause of Damage and repair of the above.

8. Inspection of Bulk Minerals, Grains and Foodstuffs

  • Supervision of weighing and sampling

9. Containers Survey

  • On – Hire Surveys of Container : Dry, refer and Iso Tank
  • Off – Hire Surveys of Container : Dry, refer, and Iso Tank
  • Service Survey of Containers. Containers owned or under lease are periodically inspected to make sure their cargo are worthy before vanning and recommend repairs accordingly, if they are damaged or not considered cargo worthy
  • Calculation of repair cost and supervision of repairing

10. Loading and Off Loading for:

  • Crude oil and Petroleum Products
  • Chemical and Petrochemical

11. Bunker Survey

  • Independent calculation of fuel oil tanks on board for any kind of vessel

12. Collateral Management Agreement

  • Ensure the goods are stocked in an appropriate manner in the warehouse and in accordance with local regulations for storage, issued a report for each lot complete with stock card
  • Issue a Warehouse Receipt ( W / R ) after received of the goods, and send original W / R after received of the goods, and send original WR and others certificate or report to financier and original copy to depositors by daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Managing the security and integrity of the goods while in storage
  • Releasing collateral upon instruction from the Principal / Financier
  • Reporting to financial regularly stock of goods daily or weekly as per requested

13. Ship’s Appraisal of Valuation for Purchasing

14. To Test and Calculate Static Bollard Pull of tug Boat

  • To Test Cargo Gear joined with classification society

15. Construction and Engineering Services

  • Port and Maritime Development / Civil Engineering Consultancy
  • Development of Dockyard and Facilities Consultancy

16. Supervision of Shipbuilding & Ship Repairing

17. In Water Damage Survey:

  • Pintle Clearance
  • Propeller Shaft Clearance
  • Plate Test / Ultrasonic Test
  • Bottom Plate & hull Damage

We work for :

  • Industry
  • Shipping Company
  • Shipping Agent
  • Bank
  • Exporters & Importers
  • Insurance Company
  • Shipyard
  • P & I Correspondents
  • Etc.

Whenever you need further information do not hesitate to contact our Head Office.